This baby became James Larsen. True story.

James Larsen hails from Southern California, and stands either 6'5" or 6'6" tall, depending his mood. Here are a few funky, fresh, and fascinating facts to whet your appetite:

  • As an anomalous child, James owned a goldfish named 'Cowboy'.

  • As a rebellious teen, James was in a rap group that toured local ice cream parlors and was subsequently paid in ice cream.

  • As an overgrown adult, James is a member of the Actor's Equity Association and the American Guild of Variety Artists. This info is admittedly not as fun as the cowboy fish or the ice cream rap, but still notable.

James was born a human baby, with a stupid grin and no ambition. But life thickened his hide, and soon, he managed to convince people to pay him money for his artistic endeavors. Aside from performing in a number of reputable regional theaters, James has also had the pleasure of strutting his stuff at some of the most renowned entertainment destinations on the planet, including Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios Hollywood! Though people often assume he's a traditional leading man, James has a gift for comedy, drawing much of his inspiration from Dick Van Dyke and Bill Irwin. If you'd like to know what James' career milestones have been, you may as well just go read his resume, because life is short.

Nowadays, you can find James crooning/writing/practicing hat tricks (with an actual hat, not whatever that means in sports) in the majestic cultural haven of Los Angeles, where he enjoys the lack of seasons.

If you're confused or intrigued, you can contact James directly via the CONTACT page.


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