Return of The Mouse!

Mr. Smythe loves a good gesture to the front row!

Mr. Smythe loves a good gesture to the front row!

2017 shall forever mark the year that James FINALLY joined the ranks of magic-makers in his home state of California... He's going to Disneyland! Beginning in March, James will be telling tales and warbling tunes as 'Mr. Smythe' at the Royal Theatre! Every week, you'll be able to catch him performing in exciting, vaudevillian renditions of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and Tangled - so drop on by for a laugh! See you real soon in the house that Mickey built...

Spirits as old as time...

After a majestical year in Orlando, FL, James decided to part ways with Disney World and head out west to his homeland. With his trusty writing partner, Andrew Barbato, at his side, he began the road trip of a life time - and wrote some tunes along the way. The crowning achievement of their trip can be seen below: a tale of two men (and a camel) on a journey to JERUSALEM... Brace yourself for the glory.

Banjo pickin', anyone?

James as 'Jim Handy' with the lovely Miss Flora Long.

Excitin' news, y'all! In a serendipitous turn of events, James has taken on the role of the singing cowboy 'Jim Handy' in the beloved HOOP-DEE-DOO MUSICAL REVUE at Walt Disney World! So come on down to Pioneer Hall at Disney's Fort Wilderness, where you can catch Jim singin' purty and kickin' up his heels, nightly - now through April 2016! To request a complete show schedule, visit the CONTACT page and shoot James a message. Yahoo!